Susie Anderson

do you think Jens Lekman googles himself?

I want to be happy and in love and not mind what other people see when they look at me. I will bring to our love things that will keep us both warm, like scarves and mittens and jumpers. They won't be the itchy or holey kind of jumpers, just the right kind of warmth and also we are warm people, we will have body warmth. Our love will make me brave enough to get braces and sing in public and have a bra fitting and talk to lead singers. (I am already brave enough to sing with my sister) Buskers always seem to be singing 'Wonderwall'. This morning I let 'Don't Look Back in Anger' play all the way through on my ipod, that is a kind of bravery in the face of youtube street surveyors. Our love will make me the kind of person assertive enough to ask the waitress 'what happened to my soy mocha' or talk to somebody I only met once at a party if I see them on the street a week later. Our love will take me back to the feeling that getting something really right can bring, the feeling a really good chord progression creates, it will hold us inside that for a while, then we will create an entire debut album of giddy-making music. And when I think of you my legs will be tingly and when I'm in painting class and the teacher tells us to paint our favourite place I will paint your shoulder. 'I don't think I've ever looked at the roof here', I will be able to say to you, and our love will reach right up to to the top of the room and fill the entire space, and the things I am saying to you are being written in a terrible romance novel and a love poem long before anything has ever happened between us, a long time before we decide to 'date', a long time before I even meet you, before anything romantic has ever happened to me at all.


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